Friday, April 26, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Fun!

Hey Kinder Friends,
We are moving right along and things are moving fast! It is hard to believe that this year is quickly coming to an end. I'm not sure where April went but it is almost gone. And just as April comes to a close we look towards May. In the classroom May is a special time for us as we learn about celebrations and discuss Cinco de Mayo. As part of our school wide program we create and make decorations for the school event.
This gives us a chance to look at some Mexican art and get out some paint and get a little creative. It is a nice way to spend indoor recess and keep our minds off the great outdoors that we long for. We have been busy making banners for some stage decorations. But I think we would all agree that piƱatas are our favorite because they remind all of us of our own celebrations.
The best part of the program is performing The Mexican Hat Dance. And this year we like to practice it a lot! It is one of those feel good get up on your feet kind of dances that every child can participate in and that makes it even more fun. A little chaos to some lively music and lots of kind of fun and I mean it. It can sure put a smile on your face pretty quick!  

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Kristin Young said...

I just posted about Cinco do Mayo too!! :) I love your "My Celebrations" page - is that available somewhere?

I'm trying to squeeze Cinco de Mayo into one social studies lesson on Friday which is a real shame because I have a TON of ESL kids this year and I really think we could do a great exploration on it with their help! The Mexican Hat dance sounds SO fun!!! I'm laughing just picturing my kids doing it. :) Have a great time celebrating!!

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