Friday, May 31, 2013

Creation Station!

Hey Kinder Friends,
This year I decided to create a Creation Station in one of my favorite corners of my room. It is small and out of the way but it is one of the first things you see when you enter. There is not much to it but it has served us well this year.
What I liked about it most was that it was out of the way in my classroom but it was still there. In the beginning of school I noticed that it was intimidating to my kids. I suppose they were not used to having materials that could be used in an open ended way. It look some time before they really began to get creative.
I liked the rolling cart to store the materials. I labeled the drawers in such a way that I was not limited to one particular thing inside. One drawer was labeled paper and during the year we had stationary, lists, cards and more inside it. We had a drawer that had any leftover worksheets and they really liked that believe it or not.
We had stencils and collage materials and even props for puppet making. What it really turned out to serve as was a second writing center but I will never tell anyone that! As the children emerged as writer's, I noticed that this Creation Station really took off. I would sneak stuff over there and they would be so excited to find it. So this summer I am on the hunt for more materials that not only will support us creatively but also sneak in more materials that support us as writer's as well.
And I will admit we did get a little artistic with watercolors this year. It is my favorite medium to work with because children can be so independent with it. And as the year progressed, you can see in the picture below that there was no teacher at the table. I took the picture from my desk!
We were so proud of our Van Gogh inspired pictures and the parents were truly amazed at what their children had done. I think we have looked at them a million times each!


Sarah Adams said...

I love this idea! Did they just take supplies back to their seats to work? Also, were they allowed to go anytime or just during a certain time of the day? Thanks for the inspiration!

Miss A's Kindergarten

Mrs. C said...

They had to take the supplies to a table just right beside it. Sometimes just two people would work over there in the picture. I had it in a rotation but the center was available at the end of the day and on rainy days!

Cecilia said...

I had to come over and look after your Facebook post. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. C said...

Thanks Cecilia!

abbeycatherine said...

I love the fact that they get to make the choice of what to use! Could you list some of of the things you put in the drawers?

Amy Mello said...

I love the look! I have a "Lightbulb Lab" named after the one in Lilly's classroom but it nowhere near this cute! Thanks for the inspiration!


Tonya said...

This is like our art center. I love open ended art. We use paper plates, magazines, small paper bags, recyclable items to reuse, letter and number stamps, anything you can think of to use in art. Your creation station looks so inviting, love it!

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