Monday, May 27, 2013

UPDATED Calendar Chants!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Planning for next year already? Yep, me too. I started thinking of the things I use daily and I wanted to give a few of them an update. I started with my Calendar Chants. We have used calendar chants all year and I have printed them off to make student books for independent and paired reading. As I was looking them over, I decided to include in this file blackline versions so that student chant folders would be easier to make for everyone. I wanted to be sure and post this because if you have purchased this item already be sure to re download to get the updated version that includes the blacklines!
What I like most is that this really is print and go and it is ready for an entire year of snapping, clapping, chanting good old fun! All chants are sung to familiar tunes and I swear if I can pull this off, you can too. It's a fun addition to any calendar routine that you already have in place and takes a just a little time to add into what you already do! You will be surprised that it does not take long for your class to remember these chants!
You can print and send home the current month and have your kids snapping and clapping and chanting them over and over at home! Won't the parents love that? So friends, re download if you purchased at TeacherspayTeachers and Teachers Notebook! So what are you waiting for? Re download and start chanting away!

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