Friday, May 3, 2013

It's A Wrap!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well the stage was set and we were ready to go! We wrapped up the week with a little bit of music, festivities, fun and a celebration of Mexican Heritage! We all had fun learning a little about history, the different ways we celebrate and about customs and traditions. And for us, we were all on board for our school wide celebration of Cinco de Mayo! We signed up for stage and lounge decorations and a performance that every single person was able to participate in. It was a big production and we learned that it was a lot of work and it took us ALL to pull it off! Every teacher and child had their hand in making this a special event for everyone and it was a huge success!
Nothing in the world say Cinco de Mayo more to most of us than a donkey piñata! And I will tell you we had more than enough to go around. Everywhere we looked and everywhere we turned, we saw one and that is just the way we like it! In Kindergarten, the donkey piñata could just be the symbol for celebrations!
We tried something new this year and added some guitars. What a great project to tie in some of those music objectives. I think next year we might just do more with this one. We all identify music with any kind of celebration. And the music this year for our program was The Mexican Hat Dance. We has so much fun practicing for the last several weeks, that we might be a little sad that this event has come to an end.
The banners we made for the stage are one of my favorite projects of the year. This project allows us a chance to look at some Mexican art and take a close look at the themes and colors in that art. The banners are our interpretation of that. And when these banners are finished and laminated you can see the big, thick brushstrokes on the page. These just say Kindergarten art in the best way...
In class we learn that some celebrations involve costumes. Oh, and we love an event that allows us to wear a costume! It's always an exciting time when the box of halos comes down off the top shelf. It kind of feels like getting down the Christmas ornaments for me. I look in the box and see the flowers and colors and I am reminded of all the past celebrations and good times. I always take a minute and pray for...just one more!
In the lounge we were able to plaster scatter some decorations to make the day even more special for visitors and our school friends. We were all happy to sit down together and have lunch. It's not often that we get to sit down with forks and napkins and eat face to face. It reminded me today that I work with wonderful people...
And in the end we...danced!
It was a show stopper and one of the best performances we have done do far! Every person and child made this event so special. It was an all out affair and I am sure it will live in the hearts of the children forever...and mine too!

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