Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Kinder Friends,
We have been super busy getting ready for Mother's Day. We started getting ready for Mother's Day last week when we got out our watercolors and started to paint.
It's kind of the golden rile in my class...watercolors make everything look better and especially after it is laminated! We painted some Mother's Day poems and then added our hand prints and names.
We made Mother's Day gift cards. We had a bag of tea tucked inside and the kids were excited to give these gifts to mom!
We had fun making the crafts for mom but really the best part was that the kids were very, very excited about making Mother's Day books for their moms. I knew that I really did not have time to create one on my own so I picked up a Mother's Day book at the Teachers Pay Teachers sale from Kinder Alphabet and I am so glad I did. I think this was the highlight of our week. Every single child was excited and motivated to write and we wrote a lot. And one of our favorite parts were the thinking maps that went along with each page! Even when it was time for lunch we didn't want to stop writing.
And as we wrapped up the week a fabulous teacher gave me the idea of making pockets to put all of our hard work together. I think I love these pockets to hold it all together and get all that hard work home safe and sound! I think that was my favorite part. The kids were so proud of what they were taking home to mom! And so was I!   


Carrie H said...

Thanks for sharing. I loved reading this post! Great ideas too.

Mrs. C said...

Thanks so much! We had a lot of fun!

Lori said...

Fun Mother's Day activities! The tea cups look so cute!
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