Sunday, May 12, 2013

Memorial Day Fun And Freebies!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I really can't believe that I started thinking about Memorial Day already. I actually prepared for Memorial Day earlier this year. It was one of those holidays that I really had a hard time teaching because I had very little to go with it. We learned about American symbols earlier this year. Along with that we learned that the flag and liberty stand for freedom. On Memorial Day we learn about the men and women who have served our country that have given us that freedom. But since I started early this year and really had a good time with all patriotic holidays we have learned about so far, I thought I didn't really need a thing until... I found more books! I had to get these because they go well with so many different patriotic holidays.
L is for Liberty is the perfect for young children as it uses vivid illustrations and simple text to celebrate the statue of liberty, her history and the freedom she stands for. 
I've been on the hunt for patriotic music and found this Memorial Day song for children. I'm still looking for more so if you know of some please let me know your favorites!
This year we have learned that flags are a part of many celebrations and we learned that we see flags in important places. I could not resist F is for Flag because it explains in simple terms that the flag is a symbol of unity, it stands for pride and it reminds us of freedom in good and bad times.
When we were celebrating President's Day earlier this year we had tons of fun flipping coins. I thought this one might be fun to get out again!
The week before Memorial Day we will be making Thank You Hero badges. I love badges because they are super easy to make and fun to wear to show our pride. Previously, we learned that costumes, traditional outfits and uniforms are often a part of celebrations and patriotic holidays. We will be wearing our red, white and blue with our badges to show our pride and unity as we observe Memorial Day. To make these with your class, just copy on white cardstock and color, laminate and cut or print on colored cardstock and laminate and cut. Punch a hole in the badge to pin!
If you would like the printable freebies that you see here just click on the picture to take you to the download. The first two freebies are from the preview file of my Let's Celebrate It's A Patriotic Parade Print And Go Unit. It's simple, just click on the preview to download the freebies. Patriotic Print and Go just doesn't get easier than that!
Happy teaching Kinder friends!

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