Sunday, June 16, 2013

Art And The ABC'S!

Hey Friends,
I have had some kind of fun blog hopping and internet stopping just trying to gather some new ideas for a little back to school fun. I recently saw some cute posts about painted letters on the internet and I wanted to give it a try. For that project I was going to need paint tape and I thought that might actually motivate me to get to the home improvement store. Just as I was about to make my list, I wondered if it would be possible to make letters without all the fuss and muss of paint tape and waiting for a class list to make the project. I really wanted a grab and go project that I could have ready now for back to school so that I could focus on the next project that came to mind.
For many of us the beginning of Kindergarten begins with letter activities and usually an All About Me unit. So I decided to give those two ideas a little twist. I created I Can Be An Artist~The ABC'S of Me! There are two lessons in this packet. The first lesson is a step by step guide to teaching children how to use watercolors independently and the second lesson focuses on using materials independently and the beginning letter of each child's name. This would be a great addition to all of your favorite name or ABC books that you already read. Once you finish the project, you have something to show for your work.
And if you are feeling real crafty, you are thinking of ways to display your first process art project of the year. Sure you could staple them up and they will be cute because they are made by your favorite new class of Kinder Kids or you can make Art Buddies shown above to hang your work. So cute and simple! If you are interested... just click on the images above!
Table of Contents:
Project Photos
Lesson Objectives
Supply List
Directions For Editable Printables
2 Color Printables-Teaching Watercolors Independently
1 Blackline Printable-I Can Work With Watercolors Independently
Lesson 1 Guided Step By Step Watercolor Lesson
Lesson 2 The ABC’s of Me!
1 Color Printable-I Can Be An Artist Mini Poster
Blackline Printables For Art Buddies Craftivity
26 Editable Alphabet Letter Blacklines
26 Print And Go Alphabet Letter Blacklines

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