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Hey Kinder Friends,
So super excited to share this with you. I finally finished my Creation Station unit I have been working on for what seems like forever. I can't wait to get started with this with a new batch of excited Kinder kids. I just want to dive in and get creative. With so many great books out there to use with art and integrate with, it is so hard to pick a favorite. I think I want them all.
I am equally excited about some new art materials that I have found. There is nothing more exciting than new art materials. I still remember my first box of 64 Crayola Crayons. And I remember like it was yesterday discovering the metallic crayons and saving them for special projects. Those moments in childhood...priceless. As I was creating this unit and searching around for art materials I came across many old favorites and some new favorites too!
These are Crayola Oil Pastels. They are sold in a pack of 28. I bought them for less than $4 and they are worth every penny. The colors are varied, bright and vibrant. The crayons are sturdy, thick and will hold up to any Kinder kid. But the best part is that they make any wiggly lined drawing transform into what seems like effortless art. Using your fingers to smudge and smear the crayons over line drawings makes a finished piece. And believe it or not it is not messy, just a little on your finger. The possibilities are endless.
These are Crayola Watercolor Pencils. Yep, a new product to me too! I love the simplicity of these. These are the perfect addition to any art toolbox. For Kinder kids these will stand up to lots of use. The colors are vibrant and crisp. And what I love about them is that you color with these and paint and blend with water. Yes, I said that...water. It's a no mess kind of art tool. And it is the perfect tool to use with other tools in a layered effect. I would consider using these for smaller artworks instead of large projects because they do take time to fill in any drawing. I found these for $8 dollars and they came in a large pack. I still think they are worth every penny. Both products were bought online through Amazon simply because I saw them online and had to have them fast instead of hunting them down.
We will use both of these products when we talk about apples in the fall. By looking at the picture above you would never guess just really how simple this was to create with art materials made for kids believe it or not. It looks intimidating but it's not. If I can pull this one off I swear you can too. Watercolor pencils were used to fill in the apples, basic watercolors were used for the background and oil pastels were added to fill in and create the think smudgy lines. And don't the lines make it all look so official?
If you are interested in exploring more here is what is inside:
This 280 page download will get your creativity flowing as your students learn to recreate the masters, evaluate their own artwork and the work of others and respond to art! You will be able to integrate with ease with this packed unit!
Table of Contents:
19 Colored Mini Poster Printables in Bright Chevron & Bright Polka Dot
Art Objectives
Recreating The Masters Projects featuring Cezanne Apples, Monet Water Lilies
& Van Gogh Sunflowers
Blackline Printables For Kandinsky & Mondrian Projects
Literature Connections
My Creation Station- Photos, Materials & Storage
15 Blackline Printables For Making My Art Notebook/Journals Including Covers, Inserts,
Writing Pages & Evaluating Art Forms
78 Blackline Printables- The ABC’s Of Art Handwriting & Sentence Writing Pages
Color Mini Poster Printable Rubric For Evaluating Your Own Artworks/Illustrations
2 Blackline Printables- Label The Artist
Self Portrait Project & Pictures
3 Blackline Self Portrait Printables Perfect For Student Portfolios
1 Color Teacher Big Book- We Can Be Artists
1 Blackline Printable Student Reader- We Can Be Artists
2 Blackline Printables Roll The Color Word
1 Blackline Printable Student Reader- Crayon Colors
1 Color Teacher Big Book- Paint Colors
1 Blackline Printable Student Reader- Paint Colors
2 Blackline Color Response Pages
3 Blackline Color It!- Color Word Pages
1 Art Buddies Craftivity & Patterns Editable Insert Name Art Display Decorations
Editable Art Show Invitations
Editable Art Show Awards & Certificates- Color & Black & White Versions
13 Color Color Word Mini Posters
Many of the resources go along with the art you already do in your own classroom!
Click on the preview images for more information.

 Have fun creating friends!


She (Sprinkle Teaching Magic) said...

What a unit!!!! Aren't oil pastels the best? I love how the colors just POP right off the page. I wish I had this unit when I taught kinder.

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Sprinkle Teaching Magic Blog

Sylvia Parker said...

I have loved seeing your students' artwork all year. This unit may be the kick start I need to do more art in my room. The literature connections look wonderful.

Liz C said...

wow, it looks amazing! Well done! It can be hard to fit art into the ever-crowded curriculum, but it is SO important, especially for Kinder because of all the fine motor, oral language and math that can stem from it!

:) Liz at

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