Monday, July 1, 2013

Art Fun!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I just had to share. I was out and about the other day and found these super Creation Station supplies and just had to grab them all up. Can you imagine the possibilities with these? These could add some interesting background texture to any art project. Or some funky animal prints with these. And what about making some Eric Carle inspired art too. I swear these little ditties could make anyone an instant artist for sure! They seem to be well made and look like they could hold up to a lot of use. Can you imagine the paint combinations? And what about pairing these tools with this book for an author/illustrator study? Now we are talking, right?
And when it is all said and done you have got to have some cute way of hanging things up and showing off your work, right? I thought so too. So look what I found.
Super cute art cut outs to put your artist name on and display away. How cute is that? Pick up a couple of these packs and you are on your way to some creative fun! Both of these goodies were found at Dollar Tree.
And while I was getting all creative and what not, I was able to post this to my stores! So super excited to have something this year to fully integrate language arts goals and art. I am so excited.
So this is what is inside...
Some pages are editable. This is a PowerPoint file!
This 280 page download will get your creativity flowing as your students learn to recreate the masters, evaluate their own artwork and the work of others and respond to art! You will be able to integrate with ease with this packed unit!
Table of Contents:
19 Colored Mini Poster Printables in Bright Chevron & Bright Polka Dot
Art Objectives
Recreating The Masters Projects featuring Cezanne Apples, Monet Water Lilies
& Van Gogh Sunflowers
Blackline Printables For Kandinsky & Mondrian Projects
Literature Connections
My Creation Station- Photos, Materials & Storage
15 Blackline Printables For Making My Art Notebook/Journals Including Covers, Inserts,
Writing Pages & Evaluating Art Forms
78 Blackline Printables- The ABC’s Of Art Handwriting & Sentence Writing Pages
Color Mini Poster Printable Rubric For Evaluating Your Own Artworks/Illustrations
2 Blackline Printables- Label The Artist
Self Portrait Project & Pictures
3 Blackline Self Portrait Printables Perfect For Student Portfolios
1 Color Teacher Big Book- We Can Be Artists
1 Blackline Printable Student Reader- We Can Be Artists
2 Blackline Printables Roll The Color Word
1 Blackline Printable Student Reader- Crayon Colors
1 Color Teacher Big Book- Paint Colors
1 Blackline Printable Student Reader- Paint Colors
2 Blackline Color Response Pages
3 Blackline Color It!- Color Word Pages
1 Art Buddies Craftivity & Patterns
Editable Insert Name Art Display Decorations
Editable Art Show Invitations
Editable Art Show Awards & Certificates- Color & Black & White Versions
13 Color Color Word Mini Posters

I'm still on the hunt for a few more supplies and I have my list ready to go just in time for Back to School shopping! You know I can't wait. I swear teachers need to hire a limo, map out a plan and go back to school shopping in style. I'm game! 

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love those... where did you get them??

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