Saturday, August 31, 2013

Number Talks/Monitor And Adjust!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Oh me, oh my did the first five days fly right by? I think they did. We had the first day and we had the other four days too. I think it was a blur it was so busy and frantic. Kids here and kids there and kids just about everywhere sums it up. The good thing is that we survived to live another day. I have been asked how number talks went the first week...It didn't. It just didn't. Remember I said that if you plan for kids before they arrive you may have to adjust and monitor? Well, I am taking my own advice. Wonderful, my own advice ringing in my head.
As I entered my classroom and finally got a glimpse of my class list I knew I had to monitor and adjust a little on the fly! So to be fair, I would say I have cycled back to the planning phase after meeting my large group of kids and learning about some visual limitations that my new crew has. No big deal, we rip it down and now get to build our math area...together. Honestly this is the best way. I have a good pocket chart holder helper already. And she has a good eye for when things are not straight.
After moving and adjusting I knew I had to allow for more space. I have pushed and turned and tweaked every single little thing to make as much space for this special part of our day. And I had to really take a long look at how some of our resources were displayed. I knew I needed some large visuals so I have spent some time just trying to eliminate visual barriers. And as I was moving things around I realized that I had little space for where I was going to sit. But after much searching I was able to find something I like. I found this online at Wal Mart.
I think this will work because it will slide right under my white board easel that holds my supplies so it is out of the way and taking up no space when it is not in use.
As I was gathering all the tools I thought I would need for number talking I knew I needed something to store them in because over the summer two great, wonderful and supportive math teacher friends gave me some tools to help me with number talks.
So lucky to get the teacher one! But it gets better. I also got some student ones too! I know, enough to make a teacher squeal! I love them. I adore them. I am thankful for them.
And finally I have some of these...
And I needed something to keep these math cuties all in the right place so I went back to Wal Mart online and bought these to keep things all together.
And just when I thought I was well on my way... I realized that my first plan for my new addition to my math wall was just...terrible.
I wanted a number line. I searched high and low and everywhere else. I called here and there and nothing just nothing. So, I created my own. Finally, a kinder friendly big, gigantic number line. If you travel to space, I swear you can still read it...just what I wanted. So, where am I in this process? Well, we will be up and running probably by Thursday of this week. So between now and then I have been adding to the printables of my Number Talking Teacher Resources Pack. If you have previously purchased this item please go and re download to get the 1-7 random images I have added and the small management signs that are now included. If you need more information just click on the image at the top of the post to take you there. And I hope you will come back to see the new and improved math wall and number talking area!


Cheryl Stanke said...

Hi I love your Ipad rules poster. I down loaded and tried to print your Ipad rules small poster. But every time I did it would cut off the last rule. Any suggestions?

Mrs. C said...

I don't have an ipad poster!

Julie Stowe said...

Sounds like you have a very realistic approach to what you do. Thanks for sharing the solutions you found to problems encouraging read. Have a great week.
Julie :-)
Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

Jeannie Partin said...

great number sense stuff - thank you!!
A Kindergarten Lifestyle

Brittany Phillips said...


I love your number talk packet. I bought the educent pack this summer. Can I still download the updated packet for free?


Hannah said...

what font is this?

Mrs. C said...

Which font?

Hannah said...

the number, two, three

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