Friday, August 2, 2013

What's Up With The Weather?

Hey Kinder Friends,
What is up with the weather? It is just plain hot around here! I swear you could fry and egg on the sidewalk and notebook in Science about it. I have had a fun week getting out and about and back in to the swing of things and seeing teacher friends here and there during professional development. I recently went to ipad camp and kind of fell in love with some sock puppets. Best part of all is I can really see myself using this in the classroom because it is age appropriate. I can't wait to get the full version when school starts. I have to say that the free version of Sock Puppets is not so bad. You can try a few things and get a feel for it and fall in love like I did. As I was leaving the camp I was trying to figure out how I could use this app in the classroom and I came up with lots of great ways to use it but one of my favorite ideas was to use the app for weather reporting. With the free version you can select an outside background, puppets and record for 30 seconds. This would be just enough time for a child to record the daily weather report and then share with the class.
The other app I ran across was the Kids Timer App. It was free last week and it might still be free. What I loved was that you set the timer and the visual is a tree changing as time passes. I loved it because it fit so nicely in with our weather and season observations.
We had so much fun last year reporting the weather. I bet we will have a lot more fun this year. I wonder what new additions to this routine we will add?

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