Thursday, August 8, 2013

You Got An UPDATE!

Hey Kinder Friends, asked for it and you got it...another revision that is! Now the Texas Teacher I Can Objective Statements including the new Math TEKS come in a black border so that you can print these on colored card stock in 10 nifty colors so that you can have a color per subject and now if you want to have different colors for writing and reading it can easily be done with different colored paper. So if you want lime green objectives to WOW your objective detectives...just go for it and don't look back! But we can get even a little more crafty because we ARE teachers, right? After several text messages and a few teacher lunches I have now been given yet another idea or tip from one of my fabulous teacher friends.

If you want another alternative to holding those objectives in an organized manner, so you can zip in on Monday morning and post them in a flash, then this might be the option for you! Instead of making the pockets what about grabbing a few of these on your next trip to Dollar Tree?
I took the objectives in the store and tried it out myself and they fit all snug as a bug inside. And I loved the idea so much I had to grab a few. And then I started to realize that they also fit these!
 And I would like to thank Mrs. Jackson for all of the feedback, brainstorming, listening, lunches, text messages, emails and just being available even at midnight to just talk about "all things kinder" it has been a true blessing to have a fellow teacher to kick around ideas with!
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amy mich said...

Thanks for this. For the first time ever I am excited to post my objectives. I have been telling everyone to go grab them off your store.

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