Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Simple!

Hey Kinder Friends,
This time of year easy is the name of the game! You know you are so busy that anything that is easy just seems to be appealing in order to get it all accomplished! As I was putting up my own Christmas tree I came across a few hand print ornaments made by my son. You know those ornaments that you can't wait to find in the box. It is those simple ornaments that evoke a real sense of Christmas and family and a little tug in your heart. This angel hand print ornament is one of those simple ornaments that I have always enjoyed to make in class because we always have these materials on hand and it takes no time at all. And what mother wouldn't cherish a hand print angel to put on the tree year after year?
All you need to make your own...
Kindergarten hands
White paint
Construction paper
They look great laminated and which will help them last a lot longer when they are stored in the ornament box to be discovered year after year!
I have to admit they looked pretty cute on our classroom tree last year!

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