Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sharing Cookies Freebie!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well since I made my introduction on the Freebielicious blog I had to have something to share as a little welcome to my world gift. You know your mom always taught you to be a good host. So, in the spirit of that and the holidays, I am sharing cookies with you the virtual way. Christmas cookies have always been a favorite of mine and they evoke a lot of fond memories from childhood. I can still remember Christmas cookie decorating parties that my mom threw for me and my friends, I remember my great grandmother making amazing cookies and being a parent and passing on that tradition. Christmas cookies just remind me of my whole life. And no Christmas would be complete without them.
Each year I make the annual trip to my favorite bakery just for Christmas cookies to decorate. And when I walk in the door I suddenly feel like I am five all over again. Even if just for a minute, I relive some of my favorite memories as I scan the case for the cookies I will take home with me.
It's hard to contain yourself in a place like this! So much to see and take in. A bakery nestled inside a church and dressed and ready for the holidays. I swear there is nothing better!
This annual visit always gives me a great story to share at Writer's Workshop and it gives me a wonderful opportunity to read the book Christmas Cookies and talk about traditions and family celebrations! And to support the reading/writing connection I had to make this book and share it with my friends!
If you need a copy just click on the image and grab yours! From my classroom to yours...
Many Christmas Blessings Kinder Friends!

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