Monday, March 3, 2014

Texas Landform Maps!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well we are heading back into another week after being off for a day due to ice. And you know how it goes cramming in a week of work in four fast days. I can already feel my head spin. But the extra time off gave me a little extra time to think about what is coming up and what has been going on.
I was happy to be able to find this book as we dig deeper into learning about landforms. The book seems perfect and age appropriate which is a big plus.
Each book in this series begins by explaining what a landform is before launching into the specific type of landform covered in the book. The titles use a compare and contrast format in order to get readers understanding the main characteristics of the geography being discussed. Detailed photos and diagrams help drive home the Earth science topics covered.
And before I knew it I was able to find even more books for this topic.
Having some great books can make this topic in Kindergarten so much better and adding in a little internet research can actually make it fun. This year for our maps we tried something new. We used watered down paint instead of watercolors when we finished labeling our maps. By adding large brushes and changing the paint we saved a lot of time with this project. I guess you live and you learn!

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Cheryl E. said...

Those books look amazing! I hope you are having a great week! :)

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