Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Texas Open House And Freebies!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well, it came in like the wind just fast and furious and before you knew it open house was over. Boy oh boy did we have a time getting ready for this early open house just on the heels of assessments, report cards and an ice day. We put on our hats and got right down to work and didn't blink and eye until we were done! My golly I did not think we all could pull it off but we did in true Texas style. And this first picture is from the view outside my door looking at another classroom. This was one of my favorite displays. Mr. Martinez sure added a lot to the hallway!
This year these were my favorite decorations. They were super simple to do and I learned a long time ago that you always need "filler" for any big display. These simple cactus plants do just that. And you can make them in a Texas minute. Paper, glitter and glue and that is all you need to jazz up any Texas sized display.
And these are some great fillers too. You can't have enough fillers I swear on my heart. These look great hanging from the ceiling or for any border around any display. If you use crayon and you laminate it they look super bright but I am sure you already knew that.
Like I said, we were working at a fast pace to get everything ready. And when I mean fast, at one point I saw four kids painting without covering their clothes or even the table and I thought I might die. And then I remembered we were in a...hurry! And without a hitch, we were just fine this time. I am sure we will remember next time! Oh I am sure of it.
We even got to squeeze in a little talk about Stephen F. Austin. We will continue to learn about him when we get back from break.
And here he is all put together and holding some spiffy landform maps. He sure looks like he has some Texas pride.
And I have no idea how we managed to remember to put the Sight Word Round Up books on the table but I am so glad we did. The kids were excited to read them and take them home to practice the sight words for the year!
And when it was all said and done we made it. Kinda felt like the doll there on the bench but all in all we made it. WHEW just in the nick of time to add the final touches!
 Happy Trails,
Kinder friends!
If you have previously purchased this unit I have added the cactus to the unit so please download the updated version. click on the image above if you need more information. If you click on the preview file you can download some Texas freebies!
The preview file contains the freebies!

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