Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Best Place to Read!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Well there has been a lot of moving in and moving out in Kindergarten over the last few weeks and I find myself thinking about the beginning of the year for some of those friends who have not been in school much this year. And because of that thought weighing heavy on my mind, I was sure happy to find this book. The Best Place to Read.
This book is great for so many reasons. I am tagging this one for the beginning of the year when we discuss "a good reading spot". But this one also serves as double duty and it can easily be pulled out again when the time is needed to review and discuss what makes a good reading spot. Considering that this has been an ongoing topic in our classroom for the year this time, we incorporated a little interactive writing into the reading this time. And we came up with some pretty good responses to...
What makes a good reading spot?
A bright spot...so you can see the pictures and words.
A quiet spot.
An alone spot.
A good thinking about reading spot.
A soft spot.
A comfy spot.
A small spot.
A spot far, far away...
So, if you find this book chances are that it will be the "just right" time to read it!

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