Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Take A BITE Out Of Teacher Prep!

Hey Finder Friends,
Summer has given me a little time to sit back and think about the past school year and reflect a little bit. I think it is fair to say that I invested a lot of time communicating with parents last year. I spent more time devoted to communication than any other year and maybe all years combined. There were days that left me exhausted from it all. It did not take long for me to realize I had to streamline this process for myself and save myself a little time. I had always wished for a newsletter template but I always decided to devote time to the most pressing or urgent needs and I never got around to it.
This summer I was able to create an editable newsletter template that I will use for weekly communication with my class. In the past I have used several different types of letters to communicate but often times I would dread coming home and creating it and making it visually appealing at night after a long day of school. I wanted to spend my time communicating personal milestones and accomplishments instead of decorating a newsletter or focus on the content of my message.
Each newsletter has a front page and a coordinating back page that can be used if needed. I wanted to be able to write about what was going on in different areas of the curriculum so I created different spaces so I had options. I think I used just about every set of graphics that I had on hand so that I would have a newsletter for just about everything. I know this will get me motivated because all I have to do is add my content and print. No more searching for the creative clips...just add the content and print. I have included newsletter templates with graphics for birthdays, back to school, apples, pumpkins, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, gingerbread, penguins and polar bears, snow, popcorn, cookies, Valentine's, Groundhog's, Saint Patrick's, Earth Day, spring, talent show, growing, garden, gumballs, lemonade, Mother's Day, bears and bee's, ice cream, rainy days, toys, superhero, summer, detective, art, pigs, graduation, robots and a template to add your own. No more searching or shopping for the right clip just add your content and go!
I also wanted a template that was black and white so that I had a few options... I wanted to be able to print these on colored paper and have them stand out in the parent-child communication folders. Let's be honest...I wanted to also hide from the color "ink police" as well and this gets my goal accomplished and keeps the "ink police" at bay. But I am a girl who loves options! So, because this is editable, I can add color to the text in the body of my content and have words or phrases stand out and look eye catching without the entire page being filled with color, which makes option two...color ink friendly. And best of all, it looks good with splashes of color here and there so much that it would be simple to jazz these templates up and send them to the parents through email. So option three is pretty...earth friendly!
And if you are a font lover like me you can use your favorite font because...all you do is add you content in the text boxes and print or hit file, save as, name it and send that little ditty on it's way! So simple and no fuss just good ol' communication. What the heck, go the extra mile and save or print a copy for your documentation of communication with parents...but you already knew that one I am sure. With over 36 editable, seasonal premade newsletter templates just ready to go you are going to look like you have it all together! If you need more information just click on the images above.

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