Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hey Kinder Friends,
It's quickly becoming that time of year again. You know the "crunch" time of the B2S dash we all do. And we get busy and it is hard to get it all done. I was thrilled to be able to squeeze a little time in and update this little resource. If you have previously purchased the Math Wall Teacher Resources please download again from TeacherspayTeachers. This resource has been updated and I want to be sure you get it all. So now you get not only the 0-10 very large math wall size number line, the very large 0-20 math wall size number line and 0-20 ten frame math wall cards and now you get math strategy posters and shape posters as well. These are simple black and white so you can customize yours and print them on any fantastic color you choose. I love that!
Oh, the choices for this year... What color? What combo? What border? Who knows? We can't get back in our rooms for a while due to construction so there still is time to ponder...and ponder.


Betsy Brown said...

I love the BUILD signs. Did you make them?

Mrs. C said...

Yes I did!

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