Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Scream SALE!


Hey Kinder Friends,
Well the first day of school is getting really close! And now is not the time for last minute changes you your plan. But life gets in the way and you remember you have to be...flexible. Don't you just love when the situation calls for good old flexibility? As teachers we are so good at being flexible. We do it all day long in our classrooms so why would anyone expect anything different? But part of being flexible is actually being prepared.
So when I was told that Meet the Teacher had been changed to an Ice Cream Social, I was almost ready to go! In just a little bit of time I was back in the game. All I had to do was add a little bit of text to my printer friendly newsletter template and in a flash, I was prepared and flexible! So now I am off to prepare for the first few weeks of instruction in my class.
Making a few things for the classroom has actually helped me have things out and ready for the first week of school when I will be preoccupied with getting the year started off in the right direction. I am so relieved to have things on hand to be able to print and...go!
And in the spirit of being flexible, I am putting my Teachers pay Teachers store on sale just in case you might want to grab a few items to help make your beginning a little less stressful as you dash around being...flexible!
And I just couldn't forget a few more things!
So, with this little BOOST you just might be back in the game too, no matter what comes your way in the next few days! To get your additional discount just type the code BOOST to get additional savings. Just remember this is a one day sale starting at midnight tonight on August 20th. If you need more information just click on the images above. So how is that for being flexible?

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