Monday, February 9, 2015

Love Is In The Air!

Happy Valentine's Day Kinder Friends,
Well, love is in the air and it was a good day! We got busy right away and it seemed like time was flying by before we knew it. We talked about friendship and love today and got right down to some writing pretty early this morning. As we worked in small groups there was a valentine express in the back corner like no other. The kids were almost silent as they were working on parent gifts. You know you can never go wrong with watercolors. It's like safe art exploration. No matter what you do it always somehow looks good. I have to say the kids did surprise me with these. I had a few minutes and we were able to evaluate their work and talk about their choice of colors. The kids also talked a lot about space or white space specifically.

It didn't take long for our paintings to dry and it sure kept us motivated to get our work finished to be ready for the next step. I am amazed at how much I loved the second part of this project...torn paper. I have really never done much of torn paper projects but I will tell you the kids loved this part. They were the ones that picked the colors that went with their paintings. Considering I am colorblind, that is the way we do it. They looked at what colors of paper we had a made their choices. I could hear them helping each other and giving suggestions. The conversations were very focused and descriptive.
You can see how different they look. I think they did a great job independently working on this. I am thankful for the extra time I had helping with writing while they were busy. We are hoping to get them laminated tomorrow. The lamination makes these colors come alive!

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