Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SPLAT! How About That?

Happy Valentine's Day Kinder Friends,
We are on a roll and don't want to stop! I think we all needed this holiday to remind us about caring, sharing and friendship. We all seem a little more willing to help out and even do our part. We were so busy making lists and editing our writing today that we forgot to make our valentine bags. I even learned a new lesson in Kindergarten today.
Apparently my kids love Splat the Cat. I really had no idea how much they loved Spat. But each week they have been searching for Splat books in the library. And each week they were disappointed if they were all checked out. And I was informed today that someone hid a cool Splat book in my room and I had no idea all this was going on since...November. I read my first Splat book this year in November. And my kids fell for Splat. I kind of did too. So, the following week I checked out the only Splat book I could find. And the kids hid it from me from then until now. Magically, it appears front and center on my library shelf today...perfect! Especially since it was a Valentine's book. The minute I sat down to share the news with my class, I get an email...from the librarian. She is checking on the SPLAT book that I have had since NOVEMBER because apparently there is some secret group of Splat loving kids that have been waiting on this book...since NOVEMBER! Honestly, I wanted to hide it too for the fear of never seeing Splat again. He is so cute and fuzzy and I am kind of smitten with that white girl kitten too. And don't think I haven't been on Amazon to find my special Splat book...the ones the kids wanted were on...back order. WHAT? No Splat, forget about that! I turned the book in and wanted to long is that class going to keep dear old Splat! So, just when I thought Splat was kids asked me if we could MAKE a valentine Splat just like the book with a big heart and all. WHAT? I now have to create Splat for Valentine's day? All of the sudden Splat is all sorts of controversial. To make it worse, kids next door were visiting and they chimed in on the Splat talk too!
Better make sure I have this book on hand before the field trip!
 For information on the prints (not Splat) at the top click on the image above!  

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SC Teacher 28 said...

I love the LOVE handprints. They are adorable!
KinderKids Fun

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