Wednesday, March 11, 2015

National Puppy Day!

Hey Kinder Friends,
With National Puppy Day around the corner on March 23rd you know I had to post a few pictures! And I am posting this early so you can celebrate with me and my...three! Yep, you read that right, three puppies. And because of that I went a little puppy crazy so forgive me. In class I was sharing so many stories about raising three little puppies and all the fun we had so I made my class some puppy themed products to use in class. It was a welcome change and a breath of fresh air and a little different.
With all of these books it is hard not to get inspired and want to spread a little puppy love. These are some of my old and new favorite books to incorporate into all areas of the curriculum. With printables and books in hand you are well on your way to celebrating the love of your furry friends. My kids had a good time last year when I shared pictures of my wee little three!

In Puppy Palooza there are so many printables that I did not have a problem sending puppy packs home with the kids for homework and they loved it. With plenty of skill based review I didn't have a hard time hitting the key objectives while I focused my time on interventions in the classroom. And that is why I can't wait to do it again this year. So, if you need a little furry fun, just click on the images above for more information.
 Happy Trails And Puppy Dog Tails!

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