Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Sun Sets In Texas!

Welcome Kinder Friends,
As the sun sets in Texas we still get a glimpse of interesting landscapes. This has been a class favorite for well over a decade up and down the halls in my Kindergarten pod. Something about it just makes it a favorite. It is one of those projects that looks the best when you can see a class full of them because no two are alike. A couple more things I have always loved about this project is that it goes well with a favorite Texas legend, it is made of everyday materials and everyone is successful at it. Like I said, when they are grouped together, it is interesting to see the unique perspective of each one of them.
Because our focus on Texas landforms is regional in each class, we are spending a little time digging a little deeper into a particular land form and area this year. A general Texas sunset just wouldn't do this time because our focus was more specific. Although the silhouette was cut by hand years and years ago, I really never had a pattern for it. And because this has been one of the most requested items, I decided to add this to the Let's Celebrate Texas Our Texas resources. This way I have a printable template to share and the best part is I decoded to add more to the file.
I updated the file a few days ago. Now the file includes 4 different landscapes that you can choose from. If you have already purchased it all you have to do is download again and it will be there including all the other things that have been added over the past few weeks!  

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