Saturday, September 5, 2015

Let's Go!

Hey Kinder friends,
Well, I am off to a great start this year! I came back to my classroom with big dreams and big plans to create and motivate with a fantastic new classroom theme and all kinds of bags and boxes filled with goodies. Little did I know one of my walls would have a newly installed bright link. And the person who installed it had to remove what was once on the walls. And just like that I had to change a few decorating and organizing plans. As I was figuring out the mess of tangled cords and newly defined bulletin boards, I couldn't stop thinking about how much more fun GoNoodle was going to be this year! A big and bright new screen and some pretty fantastic speakers sure had me excited to get this area up and running and quick. So I decided a few my decorating plans will just have to wait because we were going to have too much fun to worry about the perfect color or border right now.
Last year I fell in love with Maximo from GoNoodle. I know everyone just loves the fast and fun clips but what I needed last year was something calming. I used Maximo when we came in from recess and were about to get ready for our Math block. We all liked the calming and soothing feeling these clips created. They are perfect with the lights off. The kids were almost silent as they followed along. This provided a perfect transition to our next full block of learning. I played around with a lot of the other clips at the end of last year but what my class needed the most was a calm down transition. 

This year we were up and running the first week of school and I have a new favorite! My kids are so calm and quiet all day that they need a different outlet in the afternoon. They love Zumba! And they are so good at it too! We use Zumba to shake it up a bit before we settle down for our Math block. I think it is kind of funny how from one class to the next they have their favorites based on their needs. Just this week I discovered some new motivational clips that I plan on incorporating into our morning Language Arts block. What I love is that there is something for everyone and something that would work for just about any time within the school day. If you haven't tried GoNoodle I hope you give it a try this year! Just so you can have a little fun with GoNoodle too, I am teaming up and offering a little giveaway! 
Wishing you the best of luck and a fantastic school year! 
And if you are looking for more GoNoodle swag, we also created a GoNoodle Shop discount code just for you. Use the code BTSwithGoNoodle for 15% off everything! 
The code is valid September 4 - September 11.

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