Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Counting Jar Freebie!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I am sure you have things well underway in your class by now. We have been in school for three weeks and we are moving right along. I have a small class of kids that are real ready to learn and not afraid to share with me what they already know. Having a class like that sure is motivating! As I was unpacking my classroom I noticed that a few things were looking a little shabby. My beloved counting jars were not looking so good. I thought it would be so easy to find the exact jars I wanted to replace the old but it seems I find myself always looking for the purple unicorn... I really, really wanted Snapware jars that has the lid that just pops up and stays attached but I found these cute paw print jars at Dollar Tree and decided to give them a try. The price was so good I decided to spring for quite a few counting jars and new stuff to put in them.
I was able to find plenty of things to put inside my jars at Dollar Tree. I already had plenty of items I could use from my own classroom but I decided to pick up a few more to add. The children have had fun exploring all of the jars while practicing good counting strategies. This exploration time has given me a chance to observe and make note of what they can do and what my next teaching points will be. And wouldn't you know that the favorite jar has been the jar filled with the black, white and brown fuzzy cat toy mice! 
Maybe you can have a little counting jar fun of your own! 

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Jan said...

Very cute! Is there a dice inside the jar? Do they count every item or roll the dice and count that #?

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