Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flashlight Friday Math Edition!

Hey Kinder Friends,
It has been a long week of laughter and learning and we are moving right along. I am so lucky this year that I have a class full of kids that love the Math Workshop. There isn't anything they are not willing to try and work through no matter their ability. I have a group full of math leaders that love to help clarify anything for anyone. I must admit, it makes it fun. We have had a few Flashlight Fridays and it did not take long for someone to mention Flashlight Friday...math edition. I could not resist. It sounded like fun. So, I created a Number PowerPoint Show so that we could have Flashlight Friday and practice some important skills too. We identify numbers from 0-20 in order and randomly, we count forward and back. All skills we have to master! Why not have a little fun while working towards our goals? Just download and play and you are on your way! Not to mention, this is perfect for a sub day. Keep working on your goals while you have to be out!
After we practice the glow from the slide show helps us with a little bit of glowing light. And the best part about Flashlight Friday is that it is so peaceful and calm and...quiet. That light and some flashlights to share with a buddy and buddy reading counting books takes on a whole new dimension. Add some glowing spider rings and we are giddy with excitement! 
Add some glow in the dark dice and some counting games and you are off to a great start! The kids tell me it's a hit. So, what are you doing for Flashlight Friday? Drop me a line!
For more information on the slide show click HERE!

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