Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey Kinder Friends,
Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day! I think this year could have been my favorite Valentine's Day of all. It seemed like it was the easiest by far. I have to say our Valentine bags were my favorite. I swore I would never make anything with those accordion legs...ever. Somehow, someone changed my mind. The kids loved the bags and in the end I did too. I might even make them again next year.
The kids had a lot of fun working on Valentine projects throughout the week to give to their loved ones. Just simple paint and paper and everyone was excited to have these projects to look forward to as they finished their work.
I was sure glad to have this little reader on hand because it gave us a chance to review some sight words that we had been previously working on. If you need a copy of this freebie just click here.
We have enjoyed reading new favorite Valentine books and even enjoyed reading the old favorites. We were even lucky enough to find a Splat book in the library this week.
My class even got a little festive when working in their math notebooks. Considering this is a totally independent task that I use to check for understanding of the focus lesson, I was surprised at how creative they each were. As they were walking by my small group table they were holding them up for me to notice them as they walked by. I swear I tried hard to keep working even though I really wanted to look!
We have been working our way through our Math Fables book and talking a lot about different ways to solve problems and tools that can help us. It was nice this week to see some reluctant friends give it a try and explain their thinking.
We even had time to squeeze in one more gift to send home. You know no holiday would be complete without a painted hand print keepsake!
We even had time to make crowns to wear for the special day.
And envelopes to send everything home! All in all, it was a great Valentine week and we were able to accomplish our goals and keep busy with a lot of fast finisher projects. I can't wait until next year!


Haley Wolgamot said...

Such cute activities! It's nice to see art still in the classroom!

Owls and Lessons, Etc.

Ashley Reed said...

Looks like Valentines was fun AND educational in your wonderful classroom. Love this!!

Mrs. C said...

I will admit it was hard to squeeze in the projects and everything else.

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