Saturday, October 8, 2016

Weather Wednesday!

Hey Kinder Friends,
So much fun talking about the weather as the weather is changing. It is always a topic we discuss as we observe the daily weather and look forward to spending time outdoors. Considering we have Weather Wednesday each week when we record our observations and we discuss and collect weather data daily you can imagine it is tough to keep the discussion fresh and ongoing at times.
We finally had a few days with some wind so we decided to shape our discussion around that. According to our standards our children are supposed to collect information using tools such as wind socks. So we decided to look up wind socks before making our own. Just a simple search and we were able to find lots of examples to look at.
Our wind socks were pretty simple and we decided on a weather theme. Just construction paper and some streamers and a little bit of glue and we had some pretty cute wind socks to hang around! For more Science fun join me here! Happy Investigating.

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