Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pie Graphs!

Hey Kinder Friends,
I was excited to start the week knowing that I would be introducing pie graphs to my class. Since most of my class did not attend prek last year I was equally excited to tie these lessons to some kinder favorite books. The best part probably was that not very many children had actually heard of the books that we would be reading.
We started the week by reading about pie graphs and learning how they are used. And considering it was the beginning of the year we started off with pie graphs with small numbers which made it simple to understand. At the end of the week I wanted the children to understand that we could use a pie graph to gather information and draw conclusions from graphs. The small numbers kept this pretty simple.
I picked and old favorite to start off our pie graph fun. For the first time out the children did very good and asked a lot of questions. I had to help a lot at first as we discussed the pie graphs which I had expected. By day three they were well on their way to working to complete the pie chart on their own and they had a lot more to add to our discussion as we discussed our pie graphs.
Each day of the week the children really looked forward to the math book. Funny thing is that the books are just classic favorites that any teacher has on hand and paired with a math focus lesson on pie charts. It is fun to read to a class that hasn't heard even the most popular children's books. After 17 years I have not had that experience before. I usually hear how they have read every book I pick up in prek!
I guess it is safe to say throughout the week I read every Pete book I could get my hands on and they loved every one of them. We sang a lot too! Math was so much fun this week and we learned about pie graphs and that we could draw conclusions from them and answer questions. I know I will look forward to working on more pie graphs with larger numbers in the future.
Giddy For Graphs!

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