Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been working assessments since the very first day of school. I am using a new tool for assessments called ESGI. I have also been working with my children on our traditional assessments we have used for years in our district. I have to say so far I have had a very positive experience with ESGI software and the data it has provided me with has had a huge impact on my lesson planning and small group planning within the first week of school. First, I love the fact that it is user friendly and faster to test rather than sitting down with the traditional assessment forms and pencil. Second, I think the classroom data it provides is EYE OPENING because of the easy format the information is presented in. I really like the ways in which I can view the class or individual data and I sure enjoy not having to take my paper and pencil assessments and create graphs of information on my own. 
As I continue to use ESGI I am looking forward to utilizing the individualized print resources for RTI and as a resource to send home activities based on the particular needs of each child individually. This truly is data driven instruction when the tools are utilized.  

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annspencer said...

I am using esgi this year, too -- I am amazed that I was able to easily assess all 19 on alphabet recognition on the first day of school. What a great, teacher/kid friendly tool! A little surprising -- and discouraging -- to find that most of my kiddos know few -- or none -- of the letters. Guess it's a good thing they came to school -- obviously no one is teaching much at home!

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