Thursday, December 15, 2011

Measurement- Duration of Time!

When we return from the holidays our Kindergarten kids will begin a unit on Measurement during Math. Lucky for us, measurement also crosses over into Science, so this makes integration so easy this time around. As much as I love teaching measurement with young children, there are parts of this unit of study that seems so dry and boring. Our state adoption has one lesson devoted to duration of time and the extension activities are not so wonderful either. 
As I was meeting one of my math friends and preparing for a training session she reminded me of the resources from The Math Learning Center Bridges Blog. The link provided will take you directly to the Measurement Lessons for Duration of Time. I love this resource not just because it is free but because of the task cards that are provided. I love the quality of the graphics and the actual tasks themselves. These task cards would be wonderful to use in a whole group setting, small groups and later used for independent practice. I was able to download and print them in a few minutes. They look great just printed on cardstock and laminated. Additionally, these task cards are easy for the children to do and can be used over and over again because they are open ended tasks. Each time two tasks are compared, the result may be different because these cards will be played by different children. So, each time we pick two tasks and two children the result may be different. All in all, this is an easy resource to use and prepare and covers comparing two events according to duration of time. I love it! 

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