Monday, April 23, 2012

Bag Whackers!

Hey Kinder Friends,
We are gearing up to celebrate Children's Day in Kindergarten. We are so excited to be able to end a week celebrating children and books. We are having a book fiesta and we could not be more excited.Today we created what I call Pinata Bag Whackers! Oh me, oh my you have to give this one a try. If you were thinking of a big pinata and had visions of children beating a hanging object with a bat blindfolded and then running, pushing and grabbing candy and that vision made you a little horrified, then I have the answer for you! Pinata bag whackers are perfect. First, they are so simple to make. We used left over tissue paper, glue, glitter, brown lunch bags and yarn. The children decorated it on their own. We are stuffing ours with another brown bag, stickers, small prizes and fruit snacks.

The best part is that these are individual whacker bags and each child gets to WHACK his or her bag all by himself. Yep, whack that bag right at school. It is not a typo. Just throw the bag over your shoulder and WHAM~WHACK. When the bag pops open the child will find the empty bag and race to put the treats inside his or her own bag. No fighting or crying over treats. No being upset that someone didn't get to bang the big pinata with the bat, no kinder controversy...darn!

Have fun friends!

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Jessica said...

Great idea! Our pre-k is celebrating children's week, I will be sharing this idea with them.

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