Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cupid To The Rescue! FREEBIES

Happy Valentine's Day Friends,
I hope everyone has a fun filled Valentine's day at school. I posted these emergency Valentine cards last year and used them myself. I wanted to re post them just in case someone forgets their Valentine cards this year. This way everyone can participate and have fun without any worries. And as I was looking around I found some cute additions to add to my Valentine collection.

Such a cute new book to add to my growing collection.
And really who can resist Charlie Brown?
And this video sure could get us all moving bright and early on Valentine's Day!
And I could not resist this from The Wonderful Moffatt Girls! Just click on the link to get yours too!
And since I love badges I really wish I had seen these sooner. They made them into cards and you can find that information here but when I look at them they remind me of badges but either way they are cute!
 And if you might need some counting mats to go with all those conversation hearts just click on the image above to grab yours!

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