Saturday, March 23, 2013

Five For Friday!

Ok Kinder Friends,
I am linking up for the first time for Five For Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching. The week started out busy as we prepared for our Open House and Texas Public School Week. I'm super glad we started getting ready for this early because it made the week a lot less stressful.
Number One Highlight Of The Week!
Open House is OVER...YAHOO! It was nice to see and talk to the families that came out for this event and discuss what has been going on in the classroom. And with such a great class full of kids I suddenly realized that time is passing quickly and soon they will be FIRST GRADERS!
Number Two Highlight Of The Week!
Early this week I was able to meet a group of teachers for dinner. It was hard to arrange schedules for such busy girls but it was a highlight of my week. I was able to have the chance to sit and talk and discuss a lot of things that were heavy on my mind. How does a three hour dinner seem like it just flies by? Just can't wait for the next one.
Number Three Highlight Of The Week!
Got a letter from someone I totally admire...asking me to be a part of a new committee. OM~gosh the answer was YES and quick! I hope I didn't shock her with such a quick reply...
 Number Four Highlight Of The Week!
We have been busy with Number Talks in class for quite some time now. I have been determined this year to make this a regular part of my routine and to become comfortable with it as a regular part of my classroom routine. I started this earlier this year and have taken it slow. Well, I can honestly say that this is time well spent and it is paying off. We had Number Talks going on while I had a visitor that was observing my class. Before we started I was praying wondering how our Number Talk would go. I was praying hoping that we would have a rich discussion. And much to my surprise we had some real ah-ha moments in my class that day. I guess it hit the boys all at the same time. I swear they were on fire and would not stop! These moments on a regular day are to die for and these moments on an observation day...priceless!
Number Five Highlight Of The Week!
As the week was wrapping up I began to think about next week. Next week will be a short week for us and we started planning a family road trip across Texas. And I am hoping to see a lot of Texas wildflowers along the way and hopefully some bluebonnets too! I am looking forward to just having time to be together and worry about...nothing. I look forward to just one extra day to enjoy the sights and the sun wherever the road takes us!

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