Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Open House Make And Take Freebies!

Hey Kinder Friends,
It is such a busy time of the year as we gear up for our Open House for Texas Public School Week. We have been working hard and getting ready for weeks and this is one night I think we are all looking forward to. As I was looking through my files, I was wishing and hoping to find some quick go to resources to make this event easy to prepare for and something I could use next year without all of the time spent searching for ideas. So, I decided to update my own files and share some with you! One of the first things I think about when thinking about Open House is my door. I wanted a way to say welcome. On the top of my door I have a valance hanging and I also wanted to change it out. I remembered a post from this summer for a quick, easy and inexpensive valance made from one dollar bandanas from Hobby Lobby. So, if you are feeling a little crafty you can look at this simple tutorial HERE to make your own and for a list of materials.
A couple of years ago I saw this cute fabric from Hobby Lobby and used the tutorial mentioned above and made mine out of this fabric. I just saw this fabric this weekend at Hobby Lobby.
Once I had the valance in place I wanted something to say welcome. I had made one of these banners the other day for a bulletin board display and remembered just how easy it was to make. All I had to do is print, cut, assemble and go! I swear I love banners so much now because it is like the easiest craft ever. The one in the picture above is stapled together and the one I made the other day was put together with brads. If you would like a copy of the Happy Trails Banner just click on the picture above and grab yours. I swear getting ready for Open House just doesn't get easier than that.
Now if your door is all decorated and cute, I bet you are starting to wonder about the tables. I was wondering the same thing too! And just like a Texas tornado, you can whip up these table toppers just like that! I promise, this is simple.
Materials Used:
Brown lunch bags
Bandana napkins
Boot and hat cupcake toppers
Vegetable can
I trimmed a few inches off the brown bags before I started and then I fringed the bag and stitched it with the Sharpie. I put an empty vegetable can inside the bag. I added the flowers, cupcake toppers and ribbon. And last, I cut a bandana napkin in half and stapled it on the bag. All in all, this craft took just a few minutes. These would look cute with red, blue or black butcher paper on the tables... I hear ya, maybe not enough time to struggle taping that on!

Since your door is cute and now your tables are looking good what about hanging something around that just looks cute? Well, Texas Mockingbirds are my answer here! Who can resist a kindergarten glittery, feathery take on a state symbol...no parent ever! The way I look at it is if I hang it high enough maybe nobody will notice some of my teacher piles I have hidden...
Here's another idea that was given to me by a teacher friend 12 years ago. This is super simple to prepare and send home. All you need is a large hat cut out and a parent letter. These are sent home and decorated before they come back to be displayed for Open House. These would be great paired with some western writing!
 And a recent trip to Dollar Tree had me thinking of all those dice and domino games cowboys play so I was inspired to make something for that! Just print it and throw that down on the tables for a little bit of fun. Open House is a sinch, right? What about some friendly competition with an estimation jar? I thought so too when I saw these super cute banadana mints at Hobby Lobby and I must say I could not resist. I threw those in my basket as fast a Texas thunderstorm. And when I was just about to create some estimation jar slips, I just happened upon this. Yep, it's free and fast to get ready for any event! If you need it too just click here!
Now with all this work you have put into this event you have to have a way to get them into the door on Open House night, right? Yep, you sure don't want to be standing there alone. I was thinking about that too. So, just print the badges above on colored cardstock and pin them on the kids as they walk out the door. And before you ask, I use safety pins and I have never had a problem with it but if I did I would tape it on and just hope for the best!
Alright here is the biggest trick. Once you get them in the door to oooh and ahhh over all the work you have accomplished and displayed you have to have a way to get them out... I mean, send them on their way because it is late and you probably have school tomorrow. I am right there with you friends. Nothing says get on your way like Happy Trails Trail Mix. Just remember to put your snacks inside a Ziploc bag before putting it into the brown bag to prevent any stains.
 All the freebies in this post can be found in the FREE PREVIEW FILE from the unit Let's Celebrate Texas Our Texas Print and Go available on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you have previously purchased this unit from TpT please redownload to get the new updates. New classroom photos and pages have been added to this unit so be sure to get them all! I hope you don't forget...what was once 133 pages is now over 190! WHEW... I think I am finally ready!
Happy trails kinder friends!

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