Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All I Really Needed To Know...

Hey Kinder Friends,
I know you have seen this image before and I bet you want a poster of it just like me. It seems I have been on the quest for quite some time now and with a whole lot of nothing to show for it. I have searched my life away trying to find this poster and nothing, just nothing. I mean what is it about this poster that makes it so unavailable? Seriously why can't a Kindergarten teacher just get their hands on one of these? What in the world am I missing? This reminds me of the ever elusive purple pencil caddy at a Target Dollar Spot... So if you find it, will you let me know?


Heidi Butkus said...

It's odd that it doesn't seem to be for sale in poster form! Have you thought about taking it to Kinko's or Home Depot and asking them to print it in poster size for you?
You may have to recreate it digitally for them first to get a good copy. But then that shouldn't be a problem! Or maybe email the author and find out if he knows where to find it.

Kelly said...

I have been looking for this poster as well!

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