Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Creation Station!
Hey Kinder Friends,
My love of art started when I was in Kindergarten and really has never left my soul. I have always loved to play around with creating anything. I love the feeling of getting lost in a project and forgetting the world around me. And as I was thinking about what project this summer I would get lost in, I remembered the Creation Station. At the end of the year we made some beautiful watercolor paintings and I remember thinking to myself that I wish I had one of those from my own child.
When these pieces were finished I could not stop looking at them and thinking about how simple they were to make. And I wondered why I didn't do it sooner in the year! And since I have had a few days of summer vacation to organize my thoughts and begin to think about the beginning of the year, I remembered these...
These were super simple to make and I loved how the personality of each child came through in each artwork. White construction paper was used and the child drew in pencil his or her portrait. They used watercolors to paint the entire page. After drying, they used black paint to trace the lines. Once the painting was dry they were ready for laminating which made the colors come alive! And although I am dreaming of creating, my mind starts thinking that these would be so perfect for portfolio covers. And once my mind started wandering in that direction, I remembered one little thing...
This is how I ended my year...broken pencils and crayons. I took a picture just to be sure that everyone has an idea of what a table caddy should not look like. Can't even believe I posted that picture because it makes my eye twitch just looking at it. Never once had this problem before and never gonna have it again!
Maybe this little book will help me begin the discussion on the care and use of materials.
So, if you ar thinking about getting a little creative this year and need a little help to get you going just click on the image above!


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