Saturday, February 14, 2015


Howdy Kinder Friends,
Welcome to this special edition of all of my favorite things...
Deep in the heart of Texas!
There are so many different things to love about Texas, it is very hard to narrow down just a few of the highlights from such a special place I call...home.
If you were here I would welcome you with a slice of pecan pie. It is a favorite in Texas. Everyone has their own favorite recipe and version. After all, the pecan tree is our state tree. As a child I knew pecans were something to treasure. I might have picked a few that were not ready to be picked a time or two. Lesson learned when I had green stained hands!
I think the best thing about Texas is the weather that allows you enjoy our beautiful state outdoors. There is nothing better than exploring Texas outdoors. We have something for everybody to enjoy.
 You would think that having lived in Texas almost my entire life, I would have explored every inch of this beautiful state. It has always been a childhood dream to see it all. But in reality, I hadn't seen very much of the place I call home. But that has all changed within the past year. My family and I bought a trailer, hit the road, brought our cameras, laptop and kicked up some dust to see the sights and explore the beauty of Texas and fulfill my childhood dream.
Grab some sweet Texas peach tea and sit back and let me share with you some of the beauty that is found in...
Texas Our Texas!
One of the best ways to explore Texas outdoors is through the Texas Parks and Wildlife state parks.
 The Texas Parks and Wildlife system in such a treasure within itself. This program is not only is rich in history but has preserved Texas treasures for generations to discover. Chances are if you are reading this you are a teacher and maybe a teacher in Texas. If you are near a state park, you might want to look into the educational programs they offer. Exploring in a state park would bring out the inner teacher in anybody as you explore all that Texas has to offer.
Within each state park you will discover beautiful landscapes and landforms and depending on the season, you will catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna within each park. And each state park is unique and has something different to offer. On my first trip into a Texas state park since my childhood, I was surprised at how many pictures I took. I honestly didn't think I would see as much within one park. I was able to capture so many images that I could bring back to the classroom to discuss landforms, water sources, rocks, plants and animals. These pictures will be visuals as I discuss living things, basic needs, natural resources and landforms of Texas.
 Most of the state parks are close to some major attractions and a short drive to a major city. Trust me, if you plan it right, you are going to have a good time exploring Texas. No matter where you are there is something going on somewhere.
When I am out and about I always am on the hunt for a pond. I look for them everywhere. No matter where in Texas I have been able to find one and take a picture. Ponds are always a great water source and great to use when comparing water clarity in science. If you want to explore water too just click on the images below to get the recording sheet.
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Karen Hester said...

Texas is beautiful isn't it? I've met a number of people that just don't get it. Loved your post!

Mrs. C said...

Texas is so beautiful!

Mrs. C said...

And lots to offer!

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