Sunday, February 22, 2015

Texas Freebie!

Hey There Kinder Friends,
You know I am going to say it because I always do and I catch myself saying it over and over but seriously this really is my favorite time of the year. Although it may be freezing and ice is on the way I am still dreaming of a beautiful sunny day deep in the heart of Texas. And just as the spring buds start to appear we gear up for Texas Public School Week. It's a tradition and it happens each year in March. And since I am full of Texas pride it is always fun to talk Texas in class. And because of that I had to dig around in my files and bags and boxes and pull out the best for this occasion. And it seemed appropriate to gussy up our little Let's Celebrate Texas Our Texas resources.

But what I am most excited about is that I have added a lot to this resource. So, the good news is that if you have purchased this from my TeacherspayTeachers store then all you have to so is go back and download it again to get the updates. If your current download does not have over 250 pages then you are missing out. I think I might have been inspired to make these updates since spending time on the dusty back roads of Texas this past year. I am all sorts of giddy to have included three teacher big books with real photographs of Texas.
I am sure that my kids will love these for the pictures and the simple text as we dig a little deeper into all things Texas. I can't wait to get these on the library shelf! Looking for Texas specific books has been a challenge or should I say a quest each year. I am always in the lookout. This year I happened to stumble upon a good one.
I have to order this one. Written by kids and for kids...sold! Written by the kids of The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Fort Worth.
In my last blog post I shared this little freebie above. Considering I was blogging on the go I had a few technical issues that I normally do not have and I wasn't real sure if that part of my post was clear. So, if you need a little help getting ready for open house, I made these signs and a welcome banner. The best part is that the sign is editable. Which can put anything in the text box and print and you looked like you had a plan all along. What is not to love about that? 
I am looking forward to a little Texas talk with my class this week. We started with the Texas flag last week and I kind of love the twist we put on it this year. My classroom was almost silent when the kids were working on these. The kids were galloping through their work to get to this project. It takes a little time so we work a little on it each day!

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